Giving Thanks for Medical Innovation & Technology


I’ve had a great career in medical device marketing. When people ask me what drew me to this type of work, I respond with, “I enjoy being a part of saving lives.”

Yet I feel like those words sound so hollow, even cliché. Millions of people working in medicine and healthcare are on the front lines of saving lives – physicians, nurses, technicians, researchers, educators – and here I am behind the scenes doing marketing.

But the reality is that it takes a village. Truly, each innovation is the result of millions of people, including marketing, and many others who work in supporting roles.

A core aspect of medtech that keeps me around is that the solutions provided are often curative. And frequently these technologies can obviate the need for medications and their associated side effects. We can change lives and restore hope.

So, as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the upcoming December holidays, I am so grateful to have been a part of this journey. Here’s to continued innovations in 2018 and beyond!



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