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How to Create Marketing Content … Everywhere

We all know content is king but how do we begin to create enough fresh content to fill so many channels and reach so many diverse audiences? It can feel overwhelming, particularly for emerging startup companies with limited budgets.

The key is to build a strategy that focuses on quality content, with a plan to repurpose and redistribute it into different forms, each of which are valued by your audiences.

Content creation has a focus on video. This is because most consumers and physicians are viewing videos on mobile devices. And our brains are attracted to imagery, which helps build rapport and engagement. Physicians report spending an average of 180 minutes per week viewing video content for professional purposes; and 81% of physicians use a mobile phone for their work, with more than 50% also using tablets.

There are several staples for content when marketing to physicians:

  • White papers, blog posts, by-lined articles
  • Infographics, advertisements, direct mail
  • Video testimonials, on-demand webinars, peer-to-peer interviews
  • Press releases, professional society features/interviews

So how do you get the most mileage from a single piece of content?

Let’s consider a white paper published on single-center data from a KOL institution. This single white paper itself will be a compelling way to reach physicians through an email campaign. But you can gain even more mileage out of that white paper by:

  1. Conducting a video interview with the physician author about the research in the white paper – this video can also be broken into a multi-series format where key topics are featured in 1 minute clips.
  2. The white paper can be used as a downloadable e-book with other digital campaigns aligned to similar clinical topics.
  3. The video interview with the physician author can be paired with a slideshow to create an on-demand webinar about the white paper research.
  4. During the webinar, ask a few poll questions related to the subject matter – it could focus on how the research relates to the HCP attendees, the types of patients they believe could benefit, etc.
  5. Once you’ve gathered a decent sample size from your webinar polls over time, compose any pertinent poll results for future campaigns. This could be something as simple as X of 100 physicians are treating patients with condition Y – New research and insights.
  6. If an unexpected trend is observed in the webinar polling, create an infographic or consider a follow-up video interview to the white paper, addressing the subject.
  7. Further, this new trend could be a by-lined article or blog post with additional insights from the KOL.
  8. Don’t forget about print marketing – the white paper should be available to hand out at physician conferences, and for all your sales and marketing teams.

Finally, don’t be intimidated by video interviews and associated costs. Remember, content is king, and videos conducted via web conferencing software or Skype are no longer considered unpolished in today’s world of YouTube.

Read more about how to create compelling video content on your own – you will save time and money!

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